Friday, December 31, 2004

Halo 2, mods

Halo 2 rules!!!! well I suck at it, but it is an awesome game. Got together last night with my buds from college and we played 10 person halo hardwired with 4 xboxes. (no Xbox live). I don't have to tell you it was awesome. I had pretty much avoided getting an xbox just because I was finishing up GTA:SA, now that i've finished the missions and have had a taste of true combat I have no excuse. I do thank my buds wife for letting us play at their new house. Most wives would not be understanding... I don't think though that we'll be doing it anytime soon again. At MN she came down and said "you guys have been playing for 7 hours!! Aren't you tired of it yet?" Granted she did play a little with us earlier, but i don't think she understands the attraction of the game. Still awesome to let us come over and play.

This morning after having Halo dreams, I'm surfing and this guy has modded a PC inside an iMac case it's probably been done before, but meticulously documented. Pretty cool...

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