Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Breast Cancer

So I'm off to kroger with my roommate... Jokingly, i ask why don't you have one of those yellow ribbons on your car. (Every car in the lot seemed to have one of those magnet things... yay troops) He proceeds to say that He's "pro-breast cancer" Now he's a strange one, yelling at the TV and such, but I don't know anyonew who's FOR cancer. Not to mention that that's a pink ribbon instead of yellow. I live with idiots.

Self-described "The most comprehensive ribbon list on the 'Net"

Another Index of Ribbon Campaigns by Color

Don't forget the Teal ribbon campaign

Speaking of idiots. Trader Joes has a 10 pound bar of Ghirdelli Semi-sweet chocolate for 19.99. Yum.

1 comment:

chasdom said...

It's possible he just says those things to be obstinate or to rile you up.

Not that I know who you're talking about or anything.

On the other hand, anti-polygamous chocoholics? What were you thinking?