Monday, January 03, 2005

Movie night

Watched two movies last night. I was extremely tired having been on call the previous day/night. up for 22 hours then an hour of fitful rest then a drive home (Yummy Sausage McMuffin on the way home) The sleep for like 5 hours. Then I watched Bourne Supremacy with my roomie. Not a bad movie, i would see it again. Wish I had read the book first. A friend has it and I need to get it from her (That's a different story). I read the book before the 1st one and though i liked the first movie there was a lot more in the book. Not enough Julia Stiles though. Anyway. Then we went to My ex-roomies house and watched Saved... I thought it was supposed to be a comedy, which it was, but it wasn't really laugh out loud comedy. Wasn't bad. My favorite was the driveby exorcism, with Mandy Moore at the end throwing her Bible at the other chick and saying "I'm full of Christ love!" I'm still sleepy so, I'll quit babbling... for several seconds.

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