Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Poker and Noodling...

Post-call today after a quiet night in my own bed.... always a good thing. Went to play poker with my buddy, got my ass kicked. Frustrating game... yet so aluring... *sigh* Anyway after getting my ass kicked and him winning a bunch he bought me dinner. For some reason talk turned to noodling
I couldn't think of the name of it, but his Southern self knew. It's the practice of placing you hands in mudholes while wading in a river, waiting for a catfish to bite down on your hands, at which point to wrestle it out of the water. I saw this on TV and this guy grabbed the fish and it was HUGE. like 50 pounds or something. a hell of a fish fry. Anyway amazing... I don't want to wrestle anything... maybe a cheerleader in mud. *blush*

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