Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cruel world

I was in Lansing, MI for the lighting of the tree at the state capital and a parade with lighted floats etc. I do occasionally listen to one of the morning shows out of lansing. For a while it was The morning show with Dave and Lisa, and then Lisa went on vacation and then just seemed to disappear. Anyway, the radio station had a Honda Element at the parade with some of the DJs riding on the roof. Both my friend Stacia and I commented that on the Side of the car was "Dave and L". It looked to us that they had started taking off Lisa's name and then stopped for some reason. Anyway I didn't think too much about it. This morning all of a sudden a new girl was part of the morning show. Guess what her name was. Lori or Laurie (can't hear the spelling over the radio obviously) So what I thought was a half-ass name removal job on the part of the radio station was infact a planned replacement of the Word Lisa with Lori... on the cheap even too without having to redo the whole thing. only 3 new letters needed. Cruel.

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