Saturday, August 06, 2005

cat hair on my tongue

Went out last night. I must have done something wrong, god is punishing me. Had a perfectly reasonable going away dinner. Went to a reasonable going away shindig (a different goings-away, what can i say people don't like to be around me)It was sweltering there I thought I was going to melt. We brought some of the people from the dinner to the other shindig. Now see this is where the problems start. I've always been a fan of mixing worlds. Ya know you have different groups of friends when you are in different situations. i.e. work friends and friends from college. problems occur when you try to do activities with multiple groups of people at the same time... i've said in the past (not to you, but to myself really) that it's okay to mix... people get to know each other better and then you have less scheduling difficulty. i may have to take it back. after the melty outdoor bar (which closes with airraid sirens at an unreasonably early hour) we went to nice different bar. more chill, more airconditioned... now here some people from work that I know peripherally showed up. little older crowd, nice people, but not people you'd expect to see out a bar (now up to 3 worlds mixing). another one shows up at the same bar with some really young, very pregnant looking semihottie which is just weird. so now i'm tripping a bit. all of a sudden one of the people who is leaving wants to go dancing. It takes half an hour to get everyone on board with minor drama in the making(One guy is trying to mess with a girl he'll never score with so she'll like him better --very 3rd grade, another needs to swing by another bar so he can meet up with his sorta/kinda woman... not quite girlfriend according to him, but don't know what'd she'd say) Anyway we all finally make it to the other club, the older people don't like the vibe so they take off immediately to go somewhere else. i stick around, more 3rd grade games ensue (see above) she takes off (probably not a direct result of said games). now we chill for a bit. and the crew thins a bit (booty calls, arguments, etc) so we make another venue change. Ends up we go the club that the other group had left ours to go to. so we kinda sorta recombine, but not really because it's a little weird. Bars close. we go home. Much more specific drama to record, but I don't want implicate anyone. Maybe the mixing of worlds wasn't the problem, but it sure seemed that way. Two other possibilities, i'm officially too old to go out to bars/clubs (which i hope is not true) or it was just too many venues. we'll never know. Anyway I had too much to drink regardless, it tastes like cat hair on my tongue

ps. if you care at all, just found a monster hairball that the car yarfed up in my clean laundry. Unrelated to the cat hair taste on my tongue I assure you.

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