Monday, March 07, 2005


I guess I'm different from my friends. First of all, most of them wouldn't know what a blog is or wouldn't be caught dead blogging. Next of those who do, they seem to focus a little more specifically, or more accurately more seriously on topics. I.e one guy blogs religion and economics (2 blogs) the other does literary criticsm( well, of comic books but still). Another uses it to reveal his inner true self. I blog ahout vegas, coffee, and bingo. What does that make me? superficial?


Anonymous said...

Funny, those of us who blog on "serious" things tend to wonder if we aren't being pretentious.

And of course you conveniently left off I'm So Sleepy, that oh so superficial blog. (j/k)


bnug said...

Wow. someone's reading this?

It doesn't seem as serious to me though. Just one man's ramblings... i guess you're right though.

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I found your blog the other day. I like the name ... one thousand monkeys typing. I can picture the monkeys working hard to type out your posts -- taking occasional banana breaks, of course.

It's fun to read your observations. A window into your mind. Yikes (kidding). Blog on.

I might tell you about my blog, if you're nice. Sorry, I'm not a lit. critic or an economist. Just a girl w/ a little blog space of her own.